Condensed Matters

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Our research is in the area of computational condensed matter physics, focusing specifically on correlated and topological materials, quantum defects, materials discovery, and unconventional superconductivity.

This site is a condensed version of various academic matters and pursuits in our research group.

Recent News

Sep 2023 - See our new work on the topological phases under pressure in antiferromagnetic MnS₂ on arxiv

July 2023 - Our work on embedding defects in nanophotonic cavities has been accepted into Nature Communications. A related work about on-demand reading/writing of silicon defects, including a previously unreported defect center, is up on arxiv.

April 2023 - We have finished a work on Weyl points and associated linear responses in MnN. 

Mar 2023 - We have created a database of over 50,000 quantum defects, available online for the community to use at The associated paper is on arxiv, and I have given two invited talks on this database at Virginia Tech NSI, and UC Berkeley. 

Feb 2023 - Our collaboration has finished three more papers on silicon defects, embedding them into nanophotonic cavities, as well as studying their properties in the presence of thermal and radiation damage.


Nov 2022 - My work on enhancing the thermoelectric properties of Weyl metals is now on arxiv.

Oct 2022 - I did an invited talk on the "Emerging applications of quantum materials in computing and energy generation" at the SF Bay Area Deep Tech Meetup .

Jun 2022 -  My work on color center defects in silicon for use in quantum information science in now on arxiv

May 2022 - I gave a talk on a Method for Enhancing the Anomalous Nernst Effect in Magnetic Weyl Semimetals at 2022 MRS Spring Meeting.

April 2022 -  I gave an invited talk at the 3rd annual IAEA Research Conference, titled Ab Initio Characterization of Defect Centers in Silicon.

March 2022 - I gave a talk at APS March Meeting: Electronic structure and topology across Tc in the magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2.

March 2022 - Our work done in collaboration with our experimental colleagues at LBNL and UC Berkeley is now on arxiv